GSM Home Security

GSM Home Security Systems

It’s a growing trend; in today’s increasingly wireless culture, many families rely on cellular phones rather than landlines. In a previous era, the absence of a land-based telephone line would have made installing a home security system impossible. Fortunately, that is no longer the case!

Today, homeowners everywhere can enjoy uninterrupted security protection, whether they maintain a home telephone or not. It’s made possible by Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), which is sometimes called cellular backup technology.

When Security Corporation designs and installs a GSM security system for your home, the greatest advantage is continuous protection. Cut phone lines have no effect on GSM transmission, and there are no busy signals or dropped calls. Your alarm signal will still reach our central station immediately, and help will be on its way in an instant, just as it would be with a hardwired (traditional) security system.

Affordable, reliable and loaded with incredible features…our GSM systems bring the best in alarm monitoring to your home. To inquire about our GSM home security systems, contact Security Corporation today.