Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Security Corporation Monitoring Center

For businesses, a monitored alarm can make the difference between profit and loss. When your commercial alarm is monitored 24 hours a day by our UL-listed central station, your employees can be assured that our specialists will respond to the emergency in 10 seconds or less, dispatching the authorities and staying on the line until help arrives. For you, that means reduced liability risks. For your employees, it means increased confidence while they work.

At Security Corporation, we own our own UL-listed central monitoring station; that means no contracting your monitoring to a third party. Because of the special high risk clients we deal with and our customer-oriented culture, we have earned a reputation for professional response and personal care service. You, your employee or whoever answers our response call isn’t merely a number or a signal on the alarm screen; he or she is a person in the midst of an emergency, and will be treated as such by our highly trained specialists.

As a result of the reputation we have gained from our personal service, we have earned the business of many financial institutions and government agencies throughout the Midwest.

Residential Alarm Monitoring

Yes, the deafening sound of an audible alarm can easily scare off intruders that trespass on your property. But from a practical standpoint, is that sound all you need? Absolutely not. You need your system to be monitored, by a UL listed central station that is watching your signal around the clock – a facility that is ready to respond the moment that signal is activated. At Security Corporation, we offer fully integrated alarms for optimal protection and dual communication. A fully integrated alarm should be a monitored alarm.

The UL-listed central station that serves as our monitoring headquarters is owned and operated by Security Corporation – not a third party. Because we own our own facility, we can maintain a boutique substation that better services the clients in our primary service area, as well as our clients nationwide. This means faster service if your alarm sounds. In fact, our response times average 10 seconds or less and you are never put on hold.

When your signal is received, our trained, experienced and caring specialists respond to your emergency, dispatch law enforcement and stay on the line with you until help arrives. As our customer, you have entrusted us with a portion of your family’s security – and we take that responsibility very seriously. To learn more regarding alarm monitoring for your home, contact Security Corporation today. We will be glad to answer your questions.