Vaults and Vault Doors



Hamilton Safe’s Modular Vaults are a best in class option for your financial institution, precious metal facility, jewelry store, cash vault, pharmaceutical facility, or document storage facility. Further, with Security Corporation’s 37 plus years of vault experience, you can utilize a single source to integrate your security needs. With a complete line of fire safes, fire files, lockers, safe deposit boxes, alarms and surveillance products, Security Corporation can help you fill your vault with the appropriate storage and security devices and keep your valuable assets secure.

  • Modular vault panels allow the ultimate in flexibility. Your modular vault is built to order, so whatever size you require can be customized.
  • Installation is fast and efficient with Security Corporation’s experienced installers and partners.
  • Completed vault can be moved if needed.
  • Hamilton Safe vault panels earned U.L. approval by withstanding severe torch and tool attacks. They meet or exceed all insurance standards:
    • Class M – 15 Minutes
    • Class I – 30 Minutes
    • Class II – 60 Minutes
    • Class III – 120 Minutes


Vault Doors


Hamilton’s vault door meets the same two important requirements demanded by financial institutions, securities dealers, and gem and precious metal traders alike. The door is tough and the door is beautiful.

  • Massive and pleasing architectural appearance
  • Standard size is 36” by 79” clear opening, however the size is customizable
  • Extra wide, extra high sizes available
  • Maintenance free stainless – steel construction
  • Extensive lock and time lock options are available

Wherever you need your vault door installed, Security Corporation can provide the vault structure to meet your needs.

In addition, Security Corporation offers a full line of fire rated and security doors, as well as installation services. o If you need to keep your assets, documents, guns, precious metals or cash secure, but don’t require a vault, these options can be economical and attractive.