Night Depositories

Night Depositories


Security Corporation is pleased to offer Hamilton Safe’s line of domestically made After Hour Depositories. One of Hamilton’s most popular products, the high security and customizable Hamilton night deposit heads is available with numerous security and camera options. The flexibility and popularity of the Hamilton head has led many institutions to standardize on the Hamilton night deposit head (at the expense of competitive products). As usual, customized depository solutions are available and can be packaged with Teller Receivers and both Drive Up and Walk Up Night Depository chests.

After Hours Depository

DACS Depository Access Control System (DACS) keeps a video record of who made a deposit; a video record of whether or not a deposit actually dropped into the chest; provides restricted access; gives a receipt. All these benefits can be easily monitored online.
80 UC Night depository, drop chute and chest are fully integrated. Provides extraordinary capacity and added security features not found in many night depositories.
98 RH Can replace virtually any night depository without breaking up concrete. All replacement work can be performed from the outside of your building. The 98 RH is an ideal upgrade where UL specifications are required.
125 – SED A practical through–the–wall envelope depository with a stainless–steel face, a tamper-resistant receiving container, and heavy–gauge carbon steel receiver

Teller Receivers

Economize your budget, minimize the space required and centralized your cash storage with a teller receiver. Completely customizable, teller receivers typically include a cash vault, coin vault, teller lockers, an after-hours depository safe and a Hamilton 80UC night depository head. All those items are enclosed in a single, high security safe.

Hamilton Safe’s Teller Receivers are available in both composite and solid steel construction, with UL ratings of TL-15 and TL-30. Mechanical, electronic and numerous time lock options are available.

Teller receivers are available in both right swing and left, and like all Hamilton Safe products are made in the USA.