Financial Equipment

Security Products for the Financial Industry

Security Corporation has the financial industry products you need to keep your facility operable. Trust us to provide you with:

Modular Vaults and Vault Doors: Our vaults and vault doors are secure, reliable and customized to fit your exact needs. These UL listed products, available in Class 1, 2, 3 and M ratings, deliver maximum security without sacrificing architectural appeal. Various sizes and heights available.

Drive-up Systems: These reliable, innovative drive-up delivery tube systems from Hamilton Air have set the standard for drive up banking by transporting items from remote locations quickly and safely.

Night Depositories: We offer a full line of depositories, including the most secured UL listed night depository systems to simple and economical envelope drops for a variety of applications.

Safe Deposit Boxes: Whether you need to match a 100-year-old installation or build a new facility from the ground up, trust us to provide you with stainless steel, modular aluminum or custom SD boxes.

Undercounter Steel: Our cash handling cabinets are designed to offer security while complementing the interior design of your facility. Teller pedestals, cash and coin locker units, double wide cabinets, knee space units, cash trays and coin scoops, all constructed from 18 and 20 gauge cold rolled steel, are available.

Money Safes: These tough UL listed steel plate and composite safes are designed to meet the highest security standards for banks, credit unions, jewelers, pharmacies, retail stores and other commercial applications.

Entrance Control Units: These ADA compliant entrance control systems can be your first line of defense in preventing firearms from entering your building. The unit incorporates metal detection, motion sensors and door locking controls with warning alerts to help prevent takeover robberies. The stainless steel construction features bullet resistive glass, a multi-functional operator console and can be integrated to your video surveillance system.

For the ultimate in financial industry solutions, contact Security Corporation today. We look forward to servicing your institution.