Security Corporation has professional locksmiths to help its customers keep their facilities secure. As a Medeco dealer, Security Corporation is able to provide customers with patented keyways, and a secure, high security, hierarchical key control system.Security Corporation’s technicians can help you handle a variety of lock challenges, from vault lock outs to safe deposit box drillings, and everything in between. With our industry experience, we are typically able to provide access to your assets with minimal damage to the equipment and with only modest repairs.

Services include:

  • Vault Lockouts
  • Timelock service
  • Combination changes
  • Safe lockouts
  • Under counter steel and furniture locks

Security Corporation’s locksmiths are available for any commercial, retail, or industrial client, and our locksmith services are full service, including key cutting, lock pinning and installation, door strikes, drillings, and more.

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